To all BLINKs across the planet.
WATCH our video with @UKinKorea on our journey to learn more about #ClimateChange ahead of next year’s UN Climate Summit in UK @COP26.
#ClimateActionInYourArea #TogetherForOurPlanet


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    BlackPink ı am a big fan of you ı love you very much pls notıce me you ınspıred me so much ı lısten to you very fondly ı am a turkish ❤💕😊

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    Is rosé trending now for some reason? Has the reign of queen Jennie died??? I dint check on BLACKPINK for 3 months only

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    Blackpink 60M subscriber🥳🥳

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    Rosè's English is out of the world

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    Most of the comments are abt Rosè. Don't mind me cheering for Jisoo ✌💜

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    Its true!

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    Blackpink is care not only blinks and earth changes let’s support them

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    love you blackpink

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    This is so serious..

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    Gorgeous Lisa 💕

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    Lisa you are sooo pretty✨

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    Protect the enviroment, protect our future 🤗

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    hey blackpink....pls.....dont leave us like 2 years there will be no blackpink....we bought your light stick,your albums,every thing we could cuz we love you....i know that the entretainments are really bad the make your life not so fun (i think) cuz they dont let you do so many things but pls.....dont leave us blinks like this....we love you. from: blinks to: blackpink

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    Yesss we stan Queens!

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    Stream Rosé Gone and On The Ground MV!

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    Yes 😔❤

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    Not top1 the top2

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    I’m A BLINK and the person who dislike is just so dumb cause what is negative abt them they r nice,cute,pretty,nice dancer,nice singer and more.. Umm I’m Kinda being sarcastic (I don’t really know what is sarcastic but sure..) ummmmmmm..... ok bye

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    BLINKS re always here my Queens


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    Heaters are Unlike this video

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    Я не понимаю ви англійські

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    lisa fans 👇

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    rosie so pretty n look so smart


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    Totalmente de acuerdo mis Reinas!!

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    Lisa say engilsh: İ was born 1997 at that time 46% of the earth was made up of natural habitats. But now only 35% remains and more are disappearing every day lisa türkçe :1997 yılında doğdu ve dünyanın %46'sı doğal yaşam alanlarından oluşuyordu. Ama şimdi sadece% 35 kaldı ve her gün daha fazlası kayboluyor.

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    Stop using so much glitters. They are micro plastics.



    I am from Turkey but ı love you BLACKPİNK

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    All members of BlackPink are so sweet and nice. It makes me feel better knowing more people now know about climate change :)

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    Happy birtdhay

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    생일 축하해 리사

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    They are not only talented but also sweet and kind towards nature✨ These queens

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    Lisa 😍😍

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    Rosé is amazing

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    Only My Jisoo ❤️ My cutie, My Life... Jisoo, I'm always with you forever and ever and ever...

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    I love you Jenny You are my favorite❤🌹 _________________________ 사랑해 제니 내가 좋아하는 멤버 야💖🍭 __________________________ 私はあなたを愛しているジェニーあなたは私のお気に入りです💗🌺 ____________________________ احبك جبني انتي المفضله لدي💝✨

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    No one: Lisa: I was born in 1997

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    I feel so bad for jisoo 😭🙁

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    Aku suka banget sama blackpink semuga sehat sehat selalu ya blackpink

  57. 續約談起像𨰻你想到訪

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  58. 續約談起像𨰻你想到訪

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    Si vc me manda mesmo useu zap verdadeiro eu ia chorar de feliz. E tom bem ia manda aminha foto lindas. Adeus vou dormir

  59. 續約談起像𨰻你想到訪

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    I não es tudei coreano mais tou istudando mais meu pais ea China merespomdi porfavo i já ta escuro tá vou dormir mais porfavozinho me manda useu zap verdadeiro lindas💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝😢😢😢

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    Eu falo chinês escrevo portuguesa. To falando portuguesa porque eu acho que vocês sabi mais falo chinês diverdadi. Jennie rose lisa jisoo

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    Oi não sei falar coreano mais me manda u número du seus zap verdadeiro porfavozinho meninas lindas porfavozinho

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    Türkler yoruma

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    Blackpink I'm you bag fan

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    Rose is matching with the white bg🤣lmao

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    Rose has that english accent like wow

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    why is no one talk about jennie’s visual 😳

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    guys please focus on the main issue of climate change here zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    Talves no leea esto pero quiero decir que jisoo es mi idol favorita


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    estoy dentro

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    Who like rose and Lise

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    I like Rose and lisa

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    Jisoo your my BFF's bias

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    Rosè performing "On The Ground" with her deep voice!😱👇..

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    tell us what we should do?

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    Next time don’t forget to mention the horrible dog meat trade in South Korea. Thank you.

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    All the comments are about the rosé's english, but nobody do care about the planet... compliment for your maturity. The topic blackpink talked about it's more important than the rose's english, Earth is the planet we live on and we're destroying it ourselves. I hope it's clear. Ps. I have nothing against Rosé

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    Don’t expect that. The fandom is full with little children and brain washed teens.

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    who is lisa

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    It feels like,e they are teaching science let's learn science with blackpink XD

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    Ahem...The fireworks u use harm too LoL

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    Rose voice hits different.

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    BP 4EVER!

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    Lisa!!!😘😍 ILYSM!

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    Stream Rosé Solo On The Ground!

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    "Calling all BLINKS!" Where always present!🙋

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    So is rose from New Zealand?

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    she was born in Auckland, New Zealand on February 11, 1997 and since her parents were korean they shifted to korea

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    I like when ROSÉ speaks English It's so pretty;)

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    Y love jisso

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    Global warming in your area

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    BLACKPINK is the revolution and haters are the pollution

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    Blackpink is the best

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    I am crying because of what I just heard.

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    Roseeee I loveeee you po