ROSÉ - 'On The Ground' M/V MAKING FILM

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  1. Ranjana Tiwari

    Ranjana TiwariHace 28 minutos

    She is so kind and helpful too everyone.

  2. anne pierre

    anne pierreHace 4 horas

    5:25 it’s that jk on the back with thé mask and the coat black?

  3. Saadia Islam Sarah

    Saadia Islam SarahHace 6 horas

    Jennie: Flying in the car. Lisa: Breaking the car . ROSÉ: Burning car Jisoo: Loading Blackpink with cars 💜💜


    ZEHRANUR DALGIÇHace 8 horas

    Yaa rosenin kıyafetleri galiba türk tasarimcilarinmis


    ZEHRANUR DALGIÇHace 8 horas


  6. Fisa Amelia

    Fisa AmeliaHace 15 horas


  7. Nermine Memmedova

    Nermine MemmedovaHace 16 horas

    Queensé rosé

  8. Loan Nguyen

    Loan NguyenHace un día


  9. jenny Indy

    jenny IndyHace un día

    Rosé is such a queen

  10. Vibhuti's Life

    Vibhuti's LifeHace un día

    I love how the staff is just so nice to rosé, especially at the end!❤️ They love her so much 😍

  11. popy Fc

    popy FcHace un día

    I hope that each Blackpink content has Indonesian subtitles, please YG

  12. Chicken Soup

    Chicken SoupHace un día

    Jisoo 😭😭 We need a solo of Jisoo 😭😭😭😭😭

  13. Saint ROSEANNE

    Saint ROSEANNEHace un día

    she'll get one lol

  14. Emily smith Beauty blog

    Emily smith Beauty blogHace 2 días



    K-POP MAGICHace 2 días

    5:27 on the back

  16. cinque izumi

    cinque izumiHace 2 días


  17. Emma MK

    Emma MKHace 3 días

    Do Rose the queen even realise that green screen and fake effects exist..?

  18. Caarolina G G

    Caarolina G GHace 3 días

    Hermosaaaa 😭😭💕💕💕💕

  19. Marilena Lombardi

    Marilena LombardiHace 3 días

    When she says "I worked my whole life" she ain't lying

  20. latheradon • molly

    latheradon • mollyHace 3 días

    There is no green screen 💘

  21. Ý và Phúc Hai chị em

    Ý và Phúc Hai chị emHace 3 días

    So cute Rosé

  22. Shabana Jhan

    Shabana JhanHace 3 días

    I love you rosé and hi blackpink i live in India but i love Korean 🇮🇳🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

  23. Mia Bee

    Mia BeeHace 3 días

    I would appreciate it so much if you watched my cover of "Gone"

  24. فانز ل بلاكتانيه

    فانز ل بلاكتانيهHace 4 días


  25. That's Me

    That's MeHace 4 días

    I thought the blinks were detective but no one noticed it yet 5:25 try it slow you will see a man in front of a woman wearing a red bonnet !! but why did he move when he was seen on camera hmm !! Wht do you think who's that guy

  26. Yasmine

    YasmineHace 3 días

    who is it pleaseee ? i dont see him

  27. That's Me

    That's MeHace 4 días

    5:25 try to slow and you see something behind the woman wearing red bonnet the man looks familiar 👀

  28. XxUltimateGamer61xX

    XxUltimateGamer61xXHace 4 días

    Rosè really said Rosè: green screen? What’s that?

  29. ༺Naughty Yuki༻

    ༺Naughty Yuki༻Hace 4 días

    사랑해, 제니 로즈, 지수, 모두가 아닌 아름다운 블랙 핑크 팀원들🖤⛓️

  30. Estefany Calvac

    Estefany CalvacHace 4 días


  31. Estefany Calvac

    Estefany CalvacHace 4 días


  32. Estefany Calvac

    Estefany CalvacHace 4 días


  33. Estefany Calvac

    Estefany CalvacHace 4 días

    Love jiso

  34. Ritika Goorong

    Ritika GoorongHace 4 días

    "Elegant and fantastic and beautiful" - Jisoo's definition of Rosé

  35. Mihla Gafoor

    Mihla GafoorHace 4 días

    Green screen: **exists** Rosé: Nah, I'll do it on the ground

  36. Nasreen Ahmed

    Nasreen AhmedHace 4 días

    jisoo is sooo supportive


    BLΛƆKPIИKHace 4 días

    3:08 she walk without shoe's what? 😢


    BLΛƆKPIИKHace 4 días

    @Everyday Rosé oh really thanks to you to tell me 💗

  39. Everyday Rosé

    Everyday RoséHace 4 días

    She's wearing doll shoes/flat shoes

  40. Kik Viengsavanh Onvongkhamsouk

    Kik Viengsavanh OnvongkhamsoukHace 5 días

    Yg:i don't know cg🤣

  41. Tirta Sari

    Tirta SariHace 5 días


  42. Nam Mieun

    Nam MieunHace 5 días

    She's so cute she even gifted the staffs I can't lemme cry-

  43. Waffle Road와플로드

    Waffle Road와플로드Hace 5 días

    a video of a rainbow baking on a waffle machine

  44. Nin Nin

    Nin NinHace 5 días

    Professional Rosé. She never fails us with her amazingly dangerous scenes !!!

  45. Bilal Polat

    Bilal PolatHace 5 días


  46. Nan Yoon Myat Chal

    Nan Yoon Myat ChalHace 5 días


  47. Nan Yoon Myat Chal

    Nan Yoon Myat ChalHace 5 días

    So cute

  48. Nan Yoon Myat Chal

    Nan Yoon Myat ChalHace 5 días

    Proud of u

  49. Nan Yoon Myat Chal

    Nan Yoon Myat ChalHace 5 días

    Love u

  50. Nan Yoon Myat Chal

    Nan Yoon Myat ChalHace 5 días

    Oh my girl

  51. ROSÉ

    ROSÉHace 6 días

    Love you Rosé

  52. ROSÉ

    ROSÉHace 6 días

    Queen worked so hard

  53. لكم الدنيا ولي هان

    لكم الدنيا ولي هانHace 6 días


  54. glowyblack._pink

    glowyblack._pinkHace 6 días

    (한국어)-터키에 올 때? (The English)-When you come to Turkey? (Türkçe)-Ne zaman Türkiye'ye gelirsiniz? Beğenide üstte kalsın belki Blackpink görür.

  55. PA - 06SR 905157 Ruth Thompson MS

    PA - 06SR 905157 Ruth Thompson MSHace 6 días

    You have a new fan, mee

  56. Colourful World

    Colourful WorldHace 6 días

    Jennie: I'm going solo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo Rosé: All my love is go-o-o-o-o-o Lisa: I'm still waiting for tha-a-a-a-a-a-t Jisoo: I'm Jisoo I'm Ok-k-k-k-k-k

  57. Kitty Kat

    Kitty KatHace 6 días

    She's just so pure it's beautiful 😍


    RINA AKTERHace 6 días

    Rosie is the best of best

  59. ღLιᥣყ ღ

    ღLιᥣყ ღHace 6 días

    ROSÉ-On The Ground💫🌺 JENNIE-Solo🏃🏼‍♀️🦋 LISA-Swalla💃🏼🌵 JISOO-Clarity💎🍀 BLACKPİNK IN YOUR AREA🖤💖

  60. Salsa & Kila

    Salsa & KilaHace 6 días

    When jisoo said"beutipul" it's like people with "sunda" language in Indonesia

  61. thegreyfinder

    thegreyfinderHace 7 días

    Our best unnie supporting baby Chae.

  62. rladudrhks

    rladudrhksHace 7 días


  63. -

    -Hace 7 días

    thumbnail is so pretty

  64. Mhienn Lopez

    Mhienn LopezHace 7 días

    I love you Rosie everyday😭😚💖

  65. Army Blink

    Army BlinkHace 7 días

    0:24 ,1:19 she's so cute😘

  66. Kalpani Dinoliya

    Kalpani DinoliyaHace 7 días


  67. Kathleen Nelson

    Kathleen NelsonHace 8 días

    Did anyone here jennie's dddd rap at 2:58?

  68. Hinata Shoyo

    Hinata ShoyoHace 8 días

    Jisoo best unnie ever😭

  69. Meli Panda

    Meli PandaHace 8 días

    Girl power💫live rose 🇰🇷

  70. SAINA SV

    SAINA SVHace 8 días

    You are a living rose 🌹🌹 That ain't a lie She is the most beautiful rose alive 💕💕


    VEDIKA RUIAHace 8 días

    I appreciate Rosé says no to green screen and makes everything come to life.

  72. rosie posie

    rosie posieHace 8 días

    yg said greenscreen who? :D

  73. 박성호

    박성호Hace 8 días

    Queen ~~~

  74. Hữu Luân Ngô

    Hữu Luân NgôHace 8 días


  75. Agwom Maryam

    Agwom MaryamHace 8 días

    I love youu

  76. ZzSparkzZ

    ZzSparkzZHace 8 días

    Wish there were English subtitles... :(

  77. -MIN KUMITZA ;3

    -MIN KUMITZA ;3Hace 8 días

    Cuantos autos an quemado wow

  78. AnnelieseKate Endaya

    AnnelieseKate EndayaHace 8 días

    No one in the set is afraid of fire :o

  79. 힛츄윗댓 두릅두릅두릅

    힛츄윗댓 두릅두릅두릅Hace 8 días


  80. Abriannxie Alexia Official

    Abriannxie Alexia OfficialHace 8 días

    I do on my ESdos BLACKPINK albums unboxing and if you want you can watch my unboxings!!! BLACKPINK is my favorite group and my bias is Rosè!🌹❤️👑

  81. rosesparkel

    rosesparkelHace 9 días

    Thanks for everyone who work hard for our Rosè

  82. rosesparkel

    rosesparkelHace 9 días

    All love for Rosè

  83. rosesparkel

    rosesparkelHace 9 días

    Our shining star

  84. rosesparkel

    rosesparkelHace 9 días

    What's the green screen?,sorry but we never use it

  85. rosesparkel

    rosesparkelHace 9 días

    How can she be so gorgeous?

  86. Safaa Fared

    Safaa FaredHace 9 días

    ILovE you 🤩🤩🤩

  87. ChoccyMilk

    ChoccyMilkHace 9 días

    I never realised this but dang Rosé's fast.

  88. فهم لوجيا

    فهم لوجياHace 9 días



    BTS SONG TVHace 9 días


  90. Sarina Himdung

    Sarina HimdungHace 9 días

    Love you rosie❤❤

  91. Myla and Rose Animation

    Myla and Rose AnimationHace 9 días

    Your super beautiful👑💖

  92. Myla and Rose Animation

    Myla and Rose AnimationHace 9 días

    I love you girl💖

  93. Beautiful world

    Beautiful worldHace 9 días

    Գեղեցկուհի ❤️

  94. BlinkCity *kalbi paramparça*

    BlinkCity *kalbi paramparça*Hace 9 días


  95. Berra Özdemir

    Berra ÖzdemirHace 9 días

    Who is here after gone M/V?

  96. Cecilia Cheung

    Cecilia CheungHace 9 días

    this is so cute how come she is soooo kind just like an angel

  97. jessenia christie

    jessenia christieHace 9 días

    i swear jisoo and rose both look so stunning without makeup

  98. Manuela Luna Campo

    Manuela Luna CampoHace 9 días

    La jisoo se colo

  99. Moon

    MoonHace 10 días


  100. Ruth Angel

    Ruth AngelHace 10 días

    Let them solo jisoo and

  101. Ambar Smıth

    Ambar SmıthHace 10 días

    BLACKPINK ROSE에서 가장 좋아하는 사람

  102. Ambar Smıth

    Ambar SmıthHace 10 días


  103. 슝이

    슝이Hace 10 días


  104. Nour Bhd

    Nour BhdHace 10 días

    Poor Rosé, she must have died of cold, let's support her !