ROSÉ Talks about Going Solo and “On The Ground” | RELEASED

ROSÉ talks about the inspiration for her new single “On The Ground” and how BLACKPINK has helped her achieve success as a solo artist. Can’t miss music moments: RELEASED, every Thursday, only on ESdos. #RELEASEDonYT #ROSÉ #OnTheGround


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    I love her voice when speaking English so much. And I watch this interview thousand times that I already remember all her answers lmao

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    3 weeks and still no 1 million views, told y'all blinks doesn't care about rosé

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    I watched this many times but i am more focused on Rosé's Gone MV and also On The Ground and also BP’s MV since Lisa and BLACKPINK will have a comeback in June and October.

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    @fleur *blinks are focusing on the MV's and as I said a lot of blinks already watch it, and they don't watch it over and over again, but soon it will hit a million.*

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    @Selene Dizon i know, but still when this video was released it haven’t hit 1 million views yet her other stages reached 2m+ views

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    *This is a replay before otg released, the original of this is 8+M so probably lots of blinks watch this on released*

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    This is so amazing You’re so cool Rosé

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    Just from this video you would know that Rosè is a smart person, the way she shares the song and the way she explains it.

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